To “οταν με τρώει το κεφάλι μου θέλω λούσιμο?”Τρίβια της Πέμπτης.


“M a j o r – S h a m p o o – E x p l o s i o n!”

Πότε/Πού+Γιατί ακούστηκε αυτή η ατάκα.

ps.Mην το google-άρετε.Θα το καταλάβω.



18 Responses to “To “οταν με τρώει το κεφάλι μου θέλω λούσιμο?”Τρίβια της Πέμπτης.”

  1. Misirlou Oubliez Says:

    Εχει μπινιά η ερωτηση;

  2. theintvduals Says:

    οχι.εσείς μην κανετε μπινιά.γιατι σας ειπα.θα το καταλάβω.θα σας περάσω απο 1000 κυμματα.

  3. athens_as_it_really_is Says:

    o yahoo-ara.. alla den marese i skini

    [Scene: Ross’s apartment.Someone’s knocking on the door. Ross rushes to the door and it’s Rachel with Emma.]

    Ross: (gasps) Hi… There she is. Hi Emma. Oh my God, I missed you. (kisses her) Oh Emma, I missed you so much. Hey… Did you have a good time with grandma Green? Huh? Did she give you a bottle of anti-depressants again to use as a rattle? (to Rachel)

    Rachel: That was one time, Ross, and they were only like 5 milligrams.

    Ross: Ooh hey, Emma, daddy has some presents for you okay? Okay? I want you to wait right here. Come here sweetie.

    Rachel: Aaah… Ross, actually there’s something that I really need to talk to you about.

    Ross: (unpacking his bag) Okay, shoot!

    Rachel: Okay, uhm… alright, here’s the deal.

    Ross: (gasps) OH NO!

    Rachel: What? What is it?

    Ross: Oh, major shampoo explosion!

    Rachel: Uh, look Ross, this really isn’t easy.

    Ross: Oh, it’s all over everything. Why? Why me? (looks up)

    Rachel: Because you took three hundred bottles of shampoo?

    Ross: I’m sorry, I’m sorry. You were saying?

    Rachel: Well, yeah… Okay, look it’s about me and…

    Ross: Oh, not another one! Oh my G… And this is moisturiser. It’s even harder to clean! Why? Why do bad things happen to good people?

    Rachel: Wow! Well, clearly this is not a good time.

    Ross: Duh, you think? (enters the kitchen)

    perimenw ta 1000 kumata

  4. theintvduals Says:


  5. theintvduals Says:


  6. theintvduals Says:


  7. Misirlou Oubliez Says:

    a sixtir kala na pa8w na mai kwlostra

  8. theintvduals Says:

    Oχι Misirlou εσύ είσαι καλό κοριτσάκι.
    Του Athens του τα μαζεύω…Θα το περιποιηθώ…Σε ανύποπτη στιγμή…

  9. athens_as_it_really_is Says:

    kserw oti ola auta ta les epeidi eipa oti o jack bauer einai kimparis epeidi trwei 3 doner kebap stin kathisia tou

  10. Misirlou Oubliez Says:

    Emena afto to kebap mou 8imizei ena anekdoto.

  11. theintvduals Says:

    Πωωωω!Μην μου το θυμίζεις!Προσπαθώ να το ξεπεράσω!
    …Αλ μπι γουοτσιν γιου τζουνιορ…αλ μπι γουοτσιν…

  12. theintvduals Says:

    Για πες το ανεκδοτο μπας και ξεφύγουμε απο τους Bauer-ικους συνειρμούς.

  13. Misirlou Oubliez Says:

    Πως κανεις μια γατα κεμπαπ;
    Την αρπαζεις απο την ουρα και μπαπ! και μπαπ! και μπαπ!…

  14. theintvduals Says:

    ok o Τζακ τρώει κεμπάμπ.next.

  15. athens_as_it_really_is Says:

    kai kontosouvli

  16. theintvduals Says:


  17. athens_as_it_really_is Says:

    kai eimai sigouros oti oloi oi sumprwtagwnistes tou katalavainoun oti enw swzei ton kosmo reuetai tzatzilikas

  18. Misirlou Oubliez Says:

    H coca-cola zero gia ta repsimata ton marane tromara tou…

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